MoneySends Free Flight Raffle T&Cs

MoneySends Free Flight Raffle T&Cs

What is the Free Flight Raffle?

This is a raffle run by where all pre-registered customers and subscribers will be automatically entered into the raffle to win a pair of return tickets for the winner and their guest, to a country of their choice in Asia.

Where can the winner go?

The winner and their guest will be able to choose a destination county of their choice (in Asia) from those we service at the time of redemption. These will include Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal and the Philippines among many more.

When does the raffle close?

The raffle will close on the day of launch as may be determined by Service launch is currently expected in early 2019. is not compelled to close the raffle on any given date and the close of the raffle is to correspond to the actual launch of service only – which may defer or be deferred to a later date than the initially advertised launch date or as publicised in the media.

By subscribing to, you acknowledge and accept the following in conjunction with our terms of use:

  1. you may be entered into the launch day raffle at no additional cost to you;
  2. the launch day raffle is only available to UK citizens holding a valid UK passport at the time the winner is selected on launch day/ actual launch of service;
  3. if you or a subscriber are found not to be a UK citizen, we reserve the right to disqualify you from the raffle including entry and/or any winnings which in this case is a return flight. We will then re-run the raffle at a suitable time within a reasonable period not longer than 6 months from the date of the initial announcement concerning a later disqualified winner;
  4. MoneySends or its brand owners may change or amend these terms and any other T&Cs at any time without further explanation;
  5. we reserve the sole right to not enter you into the launch day flight raffle without written cause or explanation;
  6. we reserve the sole right to not offer you our payment or money transfer services on launch;
  7. the launch day or launch is that which is publicised by MoneySends and its brand owners as being such. The date and time at which the service is considered launched to the public is the at the sole discretion and right of MoneySends and its brand owners;
  8. will add and subscribe you to its mailing lists;
  9. you may at anytime unsubscribe from the mailing lists by contacting us by email at to notify us of your intention or by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the footer of any email correspondence from us;
  10. in the event that you unsubscribe before actual service launch/ launch day, you will no longer be entered into or eligible for the raffle.